SourceBase is (aims to be) a parser library aimed at developers of free IDEs. SourceBase aims to make parsing based features easy to implement. These include intellisense code completion, producing call graphs and dependency trees, etc. The current aim is to support C and C++, and to provide a clean API. Future aims include addition of more languages such as Java, PHP/HTML/ASP, Perl, Python, FORTRAN and COBOL.

SourceBase uses code from Source Navigator and is licenced under GNU GPL. One of our aims is to move to a more commerce-friendly licence such as LGPL in the future. However, for that to happen, we need to move away from the source navigator codebase to fresh code. All new code contributions should be dual licenced under GPL/LGPL.

If you want to help in development of SourceBase, please join the mailing list. Currently, there is no documentation, but I plan to write some once the API has more-or-less stabilized. In the meantime, you can checkout the code from CVS (see below for instructions). The CVS module is 'sourcebase'. However, note that due to numerous tecnical reasons, the latest code is not in CVS. The CVS code is the last released version (0.1) which uses the berkeley db 1 backend. We are moving to the SQLite backend and the code for that can be downloaded as a tarball below.


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